William Castaño-Bedoya

A Journey of Artistry and Literature

William Castaño is a profound and experiential writer whose literary works intricately capture the essence of humanity. Born in 1959, his life story unfolds against the backdrop of various landscapes and artistic pursuits that have shaped his unique perspective.

Early Years in Armenia and Bogotá

William’s early years were spent in native Armenia, a Colombian coffee enclave, where he enjoyed a joyful childhood until an unexpected move to Bogotá in the 1960s. This transition from countryside to city life marked a significant shift for his proletarian family. The challenges of poverty and social disadvantages surrounded William as he was just a six-year-old boy.

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Between 1970 and 1975, William embarked on a journey of self-discovery and adventure. At the age of 14, he left home and found a nurturing haven with the Cujia family in Bogotá, who supported his education. In his early teens, his writing flourished in a free-spirited manner, often with pencils and small pieces of paper. He developed a penchant for detailed drawings, particularly of vivacious girls around him.

The years 1976 to 1977 marked William’s deepening engagement with literature and the bohemian scene. During high school, he participated in literary competitions and developed a fondness for painting, poetry, and literary analysis. Under the guidance of his teacher Fernando Parra Gallego, his passion for literature grew. The bohemian gatherings he attended delved into classical works, contemporary literature, and world figures, enriching his understanding of art and culture.

From 1978 to 1983, William’s life revolved around work, education, and the exploration of Colombian folklore. He joined the workforce at 17 while pursuing higher education. His dedication to his family’s welfare drove him to balance studies and employment. He delved into the world of dance and theater, even performing with prominent figures in Colombian ballet. His creative pursuits extended to painting, with his work gaining recognition in galleries. As his career evolved, he became a communicator and publicist marketer, honing his skills in the corporate environment.

In the 1980s, William’s journey took him to the United States, where he initially worked odd jobs as an undocumented immigrant. Eventually, he found his place in the radio industry, contributing his writing and creative talents to “La Voz de Colombia.” His corporate career in the U.S. flourished, and he became an expert in technology and marketing, managing e-commerce platforms for multinational corporations.

In 2012, William established the literary group Book&Bilias in Miami with the intention of supporting Latin American writers and delving into the world of novel publishing. Despite the challenges, Book&Bilias left a lasting impression on William’s journey, leading him to explore the realms of novel design and editing. Although the group remained silent for a period, his daughter Camila revived it in 2020, transforming it into a legally constituted American corporation.

William Castaño’s life story is a testament to his diverse talents and unwavering dedication to the arts. From his humble beginnings in Colombia to his expansive career in the United States, he continues to shape his unique narrative through literature, art, and cultural exploration.

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