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Book&Bilias was born in 2012 as a literary group founded by William Castaño-Bedoya. Its objective was to promote mutual support among Latin American writers in Miami in terms of the optimization of their manuscripts, literary growth, design, and presentation of their works and finally achieve some minstrel steps of them. Book&Bilias remains an important mark because, in addition to working in depth on the literary thing in weekly meetings, within the group, thirteen novels by various writers were published. Being March 2021, Book&Bilias was incorporated as a publishing company, based in Coral Gables, Florida, under an independent platform, and its mission is not only to open spaces for the creation of the author but also to edit and give visibility to his current literary work.

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‘’William Castaño, the writer who turns his inner exiles into books.’’
‘’The history [behind Flores para Maria Sucel] is moving because it reflects, without a doubt, what we are ... it is a mirror and, therefore, we can see our own image in the middle of words..’’

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