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In a pivotal turn of its journey, Book&Bilias underwent a significant transformation in March 2021. Guided by the vision of Camila Castano, it evolved from its origins as a literary group into a dynamic publishing company. This transformation led to the establishment of its headquarters in Coral Gables, Florida, operating as an independent platform. While Book&Bilias’ roots were in fostering collaboration by writers in the USA, its new mission reaches even further. Now, the company is dedicated not only to providing a nurturing space for authors to create but also to curating and elevating the literary works of these authors through meticulous editing and strategic visibility efforts. This marks a profound shift, expanding Book&Bilias’ impact from localized literary support to a broader, more influential role within the literary landscape.

Book reviews

BRILLIANT LITERARY WORK! "We the Other People: The Beggars of the Mercury lights," is not only my favorite book of 2023, but it is one of the most important literary works of its time. Castano-Bedoya both expands and condenses our recent pandemic world in a way that allows for deep understanding and empathy through pain and joy for the reader. This is a novel that readers will revisit time and again. Castano-Bedoya's writing is beautiful, insightful, and from the heart--the highest of recommendations for this book!
Carrie Hollister, Master in English Composition and Literature from Saint Bonaventure University in New York.
‘’William Castaño, the writer who turns his inner exiles into books.’’
‘’The history [behind Flores para Maria Sucel] is moving because it reflects, without a doubt, what we are ... it is a mirror and, therefore, we can see our own image in the middle of words..’’

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